Kingston boxing champion Tony Ayinde is ready to “snap” challenger Jon Martin in this weekend’s Queensbury Boxing League (QBL) title showdown.

He will make the second defence of his QBL crown against Bournemouth's Martin on Saturday at the Effingham Park Hotel in Copthorne, West Sussex.

Welterweight Ayinde made his first defence of the title in February with a comfortable win over Lee Cannon.

He admitted it was not his finest performance, so he has also promised to stamp his authority on an opponent he believes is making a big step up.

"Jon [Martin] is coming up to my level now, and I'm at least a couple of tiers above who he's been fighting before,” he said.

"Against Cannon I felt I was a bit lazy and came out of the ring feeling like I could have done another four rounds.

"For this fight I've been bringing in lots of southpaws to spar with, and I'm handling them all really well.”

He added: "I've seen Martin box and he's a slick, awkward southpaw so I won't be underestimating him, but who's he really fought?

"What Martin will realise when we meet is that I'm getting better and better with every fight and for this one I'm going to better still.

"He has said that this fight is all about levels and I have to agree, so come fight night he's going to find out I'm levels above him and I'll be putting the pressure on him until he snaps."

Ayinde's title defence against Martin will feature on the undercard of the Queensbury national middleweight title clash between challengers Ben Davies and Joel "Smoke" Wanderema.

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