Fans of a non-league football club targeted by thieves have responded generously with cash donations.

Raynes Park Vale FC had copper wiring stripped from its six 40-foot floodlights last month by opportunisitc thieves.

The Combined Counties Premier club has since been unable to hold midweek evening matches due to the lack of lighting.

It has also been unable to hire out the ground to other football teams and there are fears for the club’s income.

After a number of donations, the club has replaced the cables and hopes to fix the floodlights within the next month.

One benefactor donated £600 to the club and two separate individuals donated £120.

One of the donors, Vicki Lowndes, from Wyke Road, said: “I’ve been a Wimbledon fan all my life but, when Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes, they went back into non-league football and I got to know everyone at Raynes Park Vale.

“When I read that someone had stolen what they need from the floodlights and that they might go out of the league if they didn’t get it fixed, I felt it was necessary for the local football team to get some support.”

Raynes Park Vale FC is also one of eight non-league clubs competing for a £100,000 grant from Budweiser.

Paul Armour, club secretary, said: “We don’t currently own our own land, and we can’t get money from the bank for it, so if we won the competition money we would be looking to buy the land from the gentleman who owns it.”

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