An online petition demanding Kingston and Surbiton stations are rezoned has been handed in to Downing Street by MP Edward Davey.

The petition to get Kingston and Surbiton stations moved into zone five received 529 signatures through his website.

Commuters in Kingston are paying more for their rail fares than many other stations around London which are geographically further away, Mr Davey says.

The MP has written to London Mayor Boris Johnson twice since he took up the post on May 2 asking him to honour his pre-election promise to take action, but no meetings have yet been arranged.

The mayor said last week that he has no direct control over the railways but promised to discuss it at a summit with train companies being organised for later this year.

But Mr Davey hit out at the mayor for stalling, and said: β€œIs he seriously telling us that in a summit of all the train companies across London this issue is going to be up there? I am not impressed.”

The chief executive of South West Trains said he would be happy to look at re-zoning Kingston and Surbiton as part of a London-wide review of the zones of overground train stations, something which was down to Transport for London, a body over which Mr Johnson has control.