We all love the fact that there are bluebirds (our swallows) flying over the white cliffs of Dover in summertime and now, the National Trust, supported by the late great Dame Vera Lynn has purchased nearly two hundred acres of land behind the cliffs.

Farmed since the second world war, the fields have been restored to natural grassland and wild flower meadows once again alive with butterflies flying among poppies and skylarks singing above.

This is so good to hear and it comes at a time when lockdown has made more and more people realize that to become involved with nature is so very good for the soul and our wellbeing.

On our daily exercise in some green space walking on the wild side we have begun to appreciate more the flora and fauna surrounding us whereas before we seemed to have less time to stand and stare. When taking those daily walks in a couple of local parks I have been able to enjoy wild flowers in variety and profusion slowly growing taller day by day until finally opening, courtesy of Merton Council who planted some lengthy flower beds with a rich colourful mixture, so wonderful to see. Those flowers attracted many pollinating bees and butterflies which added to the spectacle.

Blackbirds have finally stopped singing in my area as it is now moulting time and with fewer feathers birds tend to keep quiet and out of sight until fresh plumage fully restores their powers of flight.