Have you got your popcorn ready? Here are 33 quiz questions to test whether you're the ultimate film buff. 

Whether you love lounging out on the sofa in front of the telly or you prefer catching a blockbuster in front of the big screen, this quiz will put your memory to the test. 

There are 33 head-scratching questions that will transport you into the wonderful world of cinema from Harry Potter's magical Hogwarts school to Barbie's pink sparkly dreamhouse.

There's something for all kinds of cinefiles - whether you're into the classics or you're mad about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Surrey Comet: Are you a film buff? Prove it with our ultimate movie quiz/ ( Getty Images)Are you a film buff? Prove it with our ultimate movie quiz/ ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

This fun film quiz is perfect for studying up before a trip to the pub for the next pub quiz or whether you want to prove yourself as the ultimate movie master.

How well do you know your directors? Do you remember when your favourite actor got their first Oscar nomination? All this and more will be put to the test.

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Grab your cinema snacks and good luck!


Take our ultimate film quiz

Cut! Time's up! How did you do?

And if you don't want the fun to end, you can continue testing your movie knowledge with our special Harry Potter and Barbie quizzes.

Our scoring goes as follows:

0-10 - Grab your popcorn -you need to study up! 

11-20 - Not bad! Want to go again? 

21-29- Well done- you really know your stuff! 

30-33- Congrats! You're a real film fanatic 

How well did you score? Let us know in the comments below.