If you’ve been keeping up to date with the news this past week you might have noticed that the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Liverpool.

The show sees thousands travel to the host city as they cheer on their countries in hopes to be named winner and host country.

Although the tension for the crown is high, the atmosphere is fantastic, and I was lucky enough to experience it in person.

I was invited by Booking.com to attend the Eurovision Grand Final and as someone who has been a fan of the event since the before I can remember, it was just as incredible in person as on screen.

Surrey Comet: The atmosphere was tense as the winner was annouced.The atmosphere was tense as the winner was annouced. (Image: Newsquest/Emilia Kettle)

Everyone was in high spirits as 26 European nations and Australia performed across the two hours that flew by.

Wearing their best outfits from representing their home nations in traditional outfits to the bold, beautiful, sparkly and a sea of Union Jacks.

The heroes of Eurovision

Although Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena is on the smaller side with just just a 11,000 capacity, the space felt huge with deafening cheers and chants.

With a perfect view of the stage, you get to see a side not offered on the BBC’s broadcast.

As you get to see the real heroes of Eurovision, the hard-working crew that can set up the whole stage in seconds and even sweep the stage between acts.

From the camera’s running around the stage making sure to capture all angles to the floor crew who would give an F1 team a run for their money to the host's makeup crew that make sure they always look fabulous.

Surrey Comet: The stage up was impressive.The stage up was impressive. (Image: Newsquest/Emilia Kettle)

Alongside the hard-working crew from the BBC, the host city Liverpool also blew me away with its friendly locals and its buzzing atmosphere.

As someone who had never visited the northwest city, I was excited to explore it in person and it did not disappoint.

From its endless options of restaurants, bars and of course, the world-famous docks, Liverpool did a fantastic job at hosting and is set to give future hosts a run for their money.

The acts of the Eurovision Grand Final

Eurovision's atmosphere was equally friendly as it was competitive with cheers of ‘Cha Cha Cha’ taking over the crowd.

Checky boos were also heard in the arena which received disapproval from co-host Hannah Waddingham.

Every country wowed with performances ranging from powerful ballads and heavy metal to catchy pop tunes and bizarrely indescribable acts (Croatia).

The UK’s Mae Muller was the last to perform and although she took the 24th spot, she received the loudest cheer with a one-minute-long standing ovation of deafening cheers.

Runner-up Finland was the clear fan favourite as thousands sang along to every word and screamed ‘Cha Cha Cha’, even after Käärijä performed.

Surrey Comet: Some thought Finland should have won.Some thought Finland should have won. (Image: Peter Byrne/PA Wire)

Other acts were just as catchy with their dance moves, including the likes of Poland’s ‘Solo’ to the fire-heavy Cyprus.

Although every nation wowed and no doubt gained new fans, there could only be one winner.

As the now seven times winner Sweden once again took the trophy home with Loreen’s Tattoo beating out Finland by a tight 40 points.

Eurovision fans have been split about the win, with some suggesting that there were more worthy winners. And the atmosphere in the arena reflected that as a sense of slight shock made its way through the thousands.

Surrey Comet: Sweden took the crown for the seventh time.Sweden took the crown for the seventh time. (Image: PA)

Alongside the impressive acts, the Liverpool songbook performance moved the crowd as they honoured the city’s rich music history as past Eurovision acts graced the stage once again.

The biggest tearjerker of the night was the emotional rendition of ‘Never Walk Alone’ as crowds were reminded of the 2022 winner Ukraine with seas of blue and yellow.

Next stop, Sweden

The Eurovision 2023 was a real bucket list moment that still feels slightly unreal. From the glitz and glam to the weird and wonderful, the song contest really is Europe’s biggest party and I can’t wait to see what Sweden brings for the 2024 rendition.