Two strokes, retrograde amnesia, and facial blindness, have done nothing to dull the sparkle of Carole Pyke who continues to inspire and encourage the world around her despite the challenges she faces every day. Winning the Most Inspirational Award at the Inspirational Women Awards in January, two days before her sixtieth birthday, and a warm embrace from Dame Emma Thompson is proof of this.

Faced with enormous daily challenges, she shares her story through her words, pictures, faith, and daily adventures. Retrograde amnesia has robbed her of 93% of her conscious memory, but instead of dwelling on the impairment, Carole instead says this makes her “the most sophisticated three year old you will ever meet combing a zest for life, a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective on the world”. Her approach to life has not only impacted fellow stroke survivors but also people who encounter her on her walk through her everyday life.

When asked how she has managed to be such an inspiration to others while battling the impact of two strokes, Carole simply says: “I don’t have good days and bad days, I simply have days and for each one, I am grateful”

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