On Monday, the activist group Insulate Britain held protests at various points along the M25 network causing long delays.

At around 8am at Junction 20, around 20 protesters sat themselves across the roundabout completely blocking access for drivers.

They waited for traffic lights to turn red before moving into the road, standing in front waiting drivers before sitting down. One woman held a banner that said 'Sorry to stop you'.

Drivers immediately began beeping their horns and video clips uploaded to social media show confrontations between drivers and the protesters - one man was filmed trying to drag one of the activists off the road.

This caused long delays on the A141 and A4251 before the protestors were eventually cleared at around 10.20am.

About 18 protestors were arrested, the Watford Observer reports.

Sit down protests also took place in Kent and Surrey today.

It does bring up the question of who Insulate Britain are, and why they felt they had to cause such disruption to bring their cause to light.

Who are Insulate Britain?

Insulate Britain are a campaign group that have their aims linked to climate change.

On their website, it states that improving “the quality of our homes is fundamental to achieve the British Government’s climate change, fuel poverty and water reduction targets”.

Their aims are to have the UK government take responsibility for the insulation of all UK social housing by 2025.

They would also like for the government to produce a legally-binding national plan within four months to fully fund and take responsibility for a low-energy and low-carbon retrofit of all homes by 2030.

A petition with their aims is currently up with over a thousand signatures.

Why did Insulate Britain protest on the M25?

With a large stunt such as this the group have now become a talking point on social media, and as a result their cause has gained public attention.

The Insulate Britain Twitter account put out a post giving reason for their protest.

“We are demanding the government and @BorisJohnson create hundreds of thousands of jobs, lower our emissions, and save lives,” it read.