More and more people across the UK are being forced to self-isolate as coronavirus cases continue to soar in Britain.

Latest figures showed more than 500,000 people in England and Wales were notified by the NHS Covid app to self-isolate – so-called being “pinged” – in the first week of July, with figures likely to rise.

Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has urged Scots to continue using the Protect Scotland app, which can identify close contacts of coronavirus cases, saying it plays an important role in containing the virus.

The First Minister also said the proximity app was no less sensitive than its equivalent in England, despite reports it is “pinging” fewer people than the NHS app south of the border.

Professor John Edmunds, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said new infections could reach 100,000 a day within weeks.

With so many people having to isolate, more and more Brits are moving online for their weekly food shop.

To help any Brits who are having to self-isolate, Ocean Finance have analysed the delivery prices of six supermarkets to reveal which is the cheapest.

Taking into account that the average food shop costs £63.70, the six cheapest supermarkets for home delivery has been revealed.

Iceland offers the cheapest delivery option for those self-isolating – providing free delivery for those spending £35.00 or more. This has resulted in the average food shop costing as is - £63.70.

In second place is Amazon Fresh, who have teamed up with Morrison’s, Whole Foods, Warburtons and more, and offer a two-hour delivery slot.

Whilst delivery is free if you spend over £40.00, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to use this service. Costing £7.99 per month, this works out at £1.99 per week – bringing the total weekly food shop price to £65.69. 

Unfortunately, it’s worth keeping in mind that Amazon Fresh is only available to those in London and the southeast counties. Check here to see if your postcode is eligible. 

The joint third/fourth supermarkets are Asda and Sainsbury’s. Delivery prices for each of these supermarkets cost between £1.00 - £7.00, which is an average of £4.50.

However, to ensure you get the cheapest delivery slot, a top tip is to choose an early morning or late evening time slot. Alternatively, Sainsbury’s do offer free delivery, but you need to spend at least £100, and select a delivery after 2 pm, Monday to Thursday. 

In fifth place is Morrisons. Delivery prices vary between £2.50 - £6.50, so an average of £4.50. This brings the total weekly food shop to £68.20.

However, despite being the second most expensive, they offer a Doorstep Delivery service. This is a dedicated shopping service aimed at those who are self-isolating or vulnerable and allows you to make an order over the phone. 

In sixth place is Tesco, making it the most expensive food shop for those self-isolating - charging an average of £5 for delivery.