Morrisons supermarkets will open mums-only checkouts on Mother's Day to speed up their shopping trips.

Its 491 stores across the UK will open ‘Mums' lanes’ this weekend so they can get home as quickly as possible and put their feet up.

Each lane will be staffed by checkout assistants who have been specially selected because of their friendliness to give mum the best day.

Morrisons' own figures reveal that 37 per cent of mums will visit a supermarket on Mothering Sunday to do the weekly shop.

A fifth of mums (20 per cent) say the special day is normally over by 12noon as ‘normal service’ resumes with the average Mother’s Day lasting just over six hours.

The supermarket will also be giving out more than 30,000 pink gerbera flowers to mums as they pass through the checkouts.

The gesture is designed to say thank you to mums and reignite the tradition of giving mum a flower on Mothering Sunday.

Assistants will offer to scan items at a speed to suit each individual mum, whether they want a relaxed pace and a chat, or a quick checkout as they are in a rush.

They will also help entertain the children by asking them to identify different sorts of supermarket products and by inviting them to see how they operate the tills.