A woman has taken on Britain's biggest sausage roll - measuring a massive 3FT and so big it needed to be served on a fence post.

Famous challenge eater Kate Ovens managed to polish off most of the giant snack in just 10 minutes.

But the 23-year-old feared she had met her match with the 3,750-calorie snack - because she hit 'the wall' with less than six inches of the meaty treat left.

The 5ft 5in eating machine went for a tactical walk for about 10 minutes in a bid to free up some more room.

She then took the final bite around 50 minutes after starting the challenge.

Kate took on the huge meaty challenge, which is thought to be the biggest sausage roll in the country, at The Red Lion pub in Barnes.

Surrey Comet: Kate Ovens begins her challenge to eat a saugsauge roll which is - three feet long. Picture: SWNS

The massive roll was created for the Fuller's Great Sausage Roll Off, which is in its sixth year, which Kate judged for the first time.

She said: "I was so hungry before the challenge, and I got to see them make it in the kitchen which made me even hungrier.

"When it came out of the kitchen served on that fence post, my jaw just dropped.

"I thought that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

"It was absolutely delicious though and absolutely packed with flavour.

"The first two-and-a-half feet slid down a dream.

"But unfortunately then I hit the wall.

"I didn't want to throw in the towel, so I went for a bit of a walk.

"That helped me free up a bit more room and I came back and managed to finish it.

"Of all my challenges, this is the one that probably took the longest from start to finish, but I was determined to polish it off."

Surrey Comet:

Kate became the first person to eat the giant sausage roll - which usually serves four.

The meaty treat, which contains 800g of pork and black pudding, and 400g of pastry, is more than seven times longer than a five-inch Gregg's sausage roll, and was far thicker.

It weighed a whopping 3lbs, and was so lengthy it had to be served on a wooden fence post - because they don't have platters long enough.

Surrey Comet:

Presenter Kate said: "The crumbly, flaky pastry was incredible.

"It was definitely the tastiest sausage roll I've ever eaten - and the thickest.

"It was probably thicker than my arm."

Fuller's served up the treat as part of its sausage roll festival, and there are plans to keep it on their menu for a while.