The royal borough is preparing to hold celebrations fit for a prince on the day of the royal wedding.

Kingston Council has received 33 applications for street parties on April 29, the day Katherine Middleton will walk up the aisle to marry Prince William.

It is steaming ahead of the capital’s only other royal borough – Kensington and Chelsea, which currently stands at four applications.

However, neighbouring borough Richmond has received a massive 64. Merton is on 35 and Sutton has so far had 23 applications in.

In north Kingston, Gibbon Road, Richmond Park Road and Burton Road have set up their own organising committee, BRaG Street, and are expecting 500-plus guests to come and enjoy zumba, live music, tug of wars, and colourful cakes.

They featured on ITV’s Daybreak throughout this week after a camera crew filmed a dry run of the party, which will see the roads closed for the celebrations.

Richmond Park Road resident and key organiser Glen Keywood, 38, said: "We started planning the party within a week of the announcement and it has snowballed, really rocketed.

"People are cash rich and time poor, so if you organise it for them they love to get involved."

Mark Rouvray, 48, helped set up the group’s website and was at the Daybreak filming.

He said: "It was just like a dress rehearsal, but on a much smaller scale. Everybody has got involved, which you need because everyone has different skills – baking, websites, photos, finances.

"It’s great. We’ve been here 17 years and never had anything like this. Maybe we’ll get the big for it and go even bigger at the next Jubilee. Then we have the Olympics too."

The street party is for residents of the roads only.