An 'Arctic blast' is set to hit the south of England next week as weather forecasters warn of plummeting temperatures.

The Weather Channel has warned of an Arctic blast - where cold winds blow in from the Arctic - that will storm through the south of England in the middle of next week.

The north of England is expected to see more snowstorms, with the possibility of flurries here in the south.

There is the possibility of some light snow - although at higher levels this could persist for longer.

The Met Office predicts dry and sunny days but with a dramatic drop in temperature so you need to wrap up warm.

A spokesman at the Met Office said: “Brighter conditions with wintry showers are likely across the north and milder conditions are looking more plausible in the south, but cold and frosty is more likely further north.

Towards the end of this period, weather patterns are likely to be slow moving bringing a mixture of colder drier periods and short lived milder, wetter, windier interludes.