A host of high-tech smart solar-powered bins is coming to Kingston, after the council approved it at Residents Committee on November 21.

The 58 new bins use solar energy to power their compaction, increasing the bins’ capacity by up to eight times, and sensors will notify the council when it is time to empty them.

During a trial in Kingston town centre in 2015, bins needed to be emptied 93 per cent less often; conventional bins are emptied up to six times a day.

Councillor Phil Doyle, portfolio holder for Resident Services at Kingston Council said: “We are passionate about making sure Kingston continues to be a great place to live and visit. The new bins are a pioneering way to help reduce litter and street clutter in busy pedestrian areas.

“The council currently spends a total of £2 million a year on cleaning the borough’s streets, and this new technology will help prevent overflowing bins and free up our street cleansing team to spend more time ensuring that our public spaces are kept clean.”

Across the south of the borough, 79 bins will also be given litter sensors, which will send a message to the street cleansing team when the bin is more than 75 per cent full.