An animal charity has said that the mutilation of a fox cub found in Epsom was "likely caused by a human."

Boudicca Rising from South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) said they were alerted to the incident on May 10.

She added this was one of a few similar cases which could be connected.

"We've had a string of fox cubs all of the same age, decapitated and placed in various locations across the south east," she said.

"Because they are all the same age, we suspect they may have come from two litters of cubs so it would be useful to know if anyone has in the last six weeks had pest controllers in to deal with a mum and cubs situation.

"We are not looking to make judgement calls on people, simply to understand why we suddenly have all these cub calls."

She said that if these were animal related, then the cubs would not all be the same size and age.

"It happens every year and also happens with kittens throughout the year, we will suddenly be attending three or four decapitated kitten calls and the age of the bodies and markings suggest they are related," she added.

"So anyone who has had to employ a pest controller over the last six weeks to deal with a family would be useful to talk to."

SNARL went out leafleting the area where the fox cub was found and ask anyone who has CCTV to check any overnight footage from May 9-10.