Epsom and Ewell Residents' Association (EERA) increased their majority on the borough council at the local elections Thursday (May 2).

The EERA had previously dominated with a lion's share of the seats on Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC) ahead of last Thursday's vote.

The group's grip on the council was extended after they gained six seats from their 2015 performance, winning 40 per cent of the overall vote.

The group and associated Residents' Associations now hold 32 of the 38 seats on EEBC.

The EERA's strong showing included a clean sweep of Ewell ward, with successful elections of three candidates: Christine Gladys Cleveland (922 votes, 23 per cent), Clive David Woodbridge (903 votes, 23 per cent), and Humphrey Reynolds (887 votes, 23 per cent).

Similarly, EERA candidates won all three seats in Woodcote ward.

EERA's Liz Frost was elected (1058 votes, 21 per cent), with Steve McCormick (862 votes) and Bernice Froud (858 votes) gaining seats with 17 per cent each.

As the Comet reported on May 1, the election in Woodcote ward was marred by controversy after Surrey Police revealed they were investigating one of the electioneering pamphlets handed out in the ward during the campaign, without offering further details.

Meanwhile, an abysmal night for the Conservative party across Surrey and the UK more generally was mirrored in EEBC, where the party lost lost three of its four seats.

Elsewhere, more positive results for the Liberal Democrats in the UK was reflected in the borough, with the party winning two seats.

Both came in College ward, where Lib Dems Julie Anne Morris (864 votes) and David Walter Gulland (838 votes) were elected with around 15 per cent of the vote each.

Labour for its part kept hold of its three seats on EEBC, all in Court Ward.

The Labour councillors elected were Kate Chinn (601 votes, 16 per cent), Rob Geleit (589 votes, 16 per cent) and Debbie Monksfield (571 votes, 15 per cent).

A full list of the EEBC local election results can be found online at: https://democracy.epsom-ewell.gov.uk/mgElectionResults.aspx?ID=500000006&RPID=501447906