Plans have been submitted to demolish the Old Mill in Worcester Park and replace it with flats.

The site in Old Malden Lane has been unoccupied since last year when the haulage company decided to leave.

Now the applicant wants to build 18 houses and 62 flats on the site, with a planning application submitted to Epsom Council last week.

But it won't be all smooth sailing should the plans be approved.

"Due to the previous use of the site, it is also understood that the buildings contain asbestos and ground investigations have identified the presence of a redundant underground fuel tank and other hot spots of contamination," one of the documents attached to the application read.

"The site is currently in a state of disrepair due to travellers being located on the land for a number of weeks over the summer months.

"The buildings on site were vandalised and rubbish was dumbed on the site and in the Hogsmill River."

As it stands, 16 of the 80 homes built would be classed as affordable, or 20 per cent of the total build. There would also be 106 car parking spaces built "to conform with local requirements."