A man from Epsom is appealing for help finding a giant baseball mitt chair, which he claims went missing and belongs to him.

The giant brown baseball mitt is a heavy chair made of plastic approximately 5 foot wide and 3.5 feet high, estimated to cost around US$1,200.

Phillip Tebajjwa, 33, said he first noticed his chair went missing on November 16 but did not speak to his neighbours about it until he returned from a work trip to Ireland on November 22.

The appeal comes after Surrey Comet reported last month that residents of the Cedar Estate on Church Street were left bemused by the overnight arrival of the two giant baseball mitts to their communal garden.

Mr Tebajjwa said he left the two baseball mitt chairs at the back of Cedar Estate's communal garden in Epsom because they were too large to fit in his work studio.

His neigbour Steve Froud moved a chair inside to protect it from the damp, but left the second baseball mitt outside because it would not fit into his vehicle - but it has since gone missing.

Mr Tebajjwa, who runs an athlete coaching business, said he was planning on using the two baseball mitt chairs as seating to record an interview of up and coming athletes such as the boxer Umar Sadiq to share on social media.

He said: “There’s been poor communication between neighbours. If anybody has taken it, we need to find out if they can give it back

“It’s a shame we don’t talk enough. We are all in a bubble.”