The NHS trust responsible for Epsom and St Helier hospitals has launched its own podcast – thought to be the first of its kind in the country.

‘Your Epsom and St Helier’ aims to feature an insight into the experiences of patients they treat, as well as the “diverse and specialised” roles carried out by hospital staff.

It will also have episodes that look both behind-the-scenes and on the frontline, showing “what really happens” at both hospitals.

The new podcast is being produced by the trust’s communications and engagement team, looking to provide a platform for patients and staff to share their stories to a wider audience.

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And its first episode covers the story of a professional inline skater from Wallington who suffered a life-changing brain injury before undergoing treatment with St Helier’s neuro rehab team.

Rob Glanville has told of the very serious accident which resulted in him suffering a subdural haematoma (bleed on the brain).

Meanwhile Sally Tan, who treated him, discusses how both she and her team helped him to talk, walk, and swallow again.

Rob Glanville


It launches today (November 30) and will be released on a monthly basis, being available online and from various podcast providers.

Lisa Thomson, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust’s director of communications and patient experience, said: “Our trust is committed to showing members of the public what really happens in our hospitals – people’s lives are being saved and changed for the better every single day in our hospitals, but sometimes those stories go unheard.

“This podcast aims to get these unheard stories out and available to a worldwide audience.

“This is a pioneering project within the NHS – we can’t wait to have more people come on and share their stories with us – and we are very excited about its potential.

“While the focus of the podcast will be NHS services, staff and the patients we care for, the conversations – as with any good podcast – can be slightly unpredictable.

“So, while in this first episode you might learn a little about what it’s like to suffer a brain injury and how NHS experts can help, you’ll also hear why we think helmets are so important and why Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula One driver of the moment.”

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