A traffic warden in Epsom has been criticised for parking dangerously during rush hour to issue a ticket.

A photo published on social media shows a traffic warden parked facing head-on toward oncoming traffic on South Street with the car’s back end obstructing the road.

Michelle Doherty, 49, from Tadworth, said she was shocked to see a traffic warden parking dangerously to issue a ticket at around 6.30pm yesterday (November 27).

Ms Doherty said there was only a “quarter of a space left” for her car, so she rolled down her window and asked the traffic warden to move her car.

She said: “She totally ignored me. She should not be facing traffic while she’s parking. The fact is that she just left her car obstructing the road.

"She is clearly not setting an example. She was giving a ticket when she was not even following the rules herself.

"Hypocrite is an understatement and I feel it is fair to publish this in your paper on behalf of the person who has got a ticket so they can take it to Epsom Council."

She added: “If emergency services had needed to to get through last night, the traffic was clearly blocked and they would have not been able to get through.”

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council said officers pulled into a loading bay which was partially blocked by a car parked illegally and issued parking tickets.

A spokesman for Epsom and Ewell said: "Officers are permitted to park on yellow lines or within parking restrictions for the purposes of carrying out enforcement however this should only be done if it can be done safely.

"It would appear from the photograph that the way our vehicle has been parked on this occasion could potentially cause a safety issue and this will be raised with the officers concerned."