A Scottish mum is appealing to Comet readers to help her track down the Epsom man who comforted her on a 'distressing' train journey from Glasgow to London.

Shona Davidson, 43, who works for a Scottish MP, said she felt lonely and distressed when boarding the train from Glasgow on October 14 after her daughter, who lives in Leyton, was rushed to hospital with complications from a surgery.

The mum said a man in his 40s, who boarded coach C of the 2.30pm Virgin train at Wigan, sat next to her and made the journey seem quicker.

She said: “We instantly chatted and we continued chatting and laughing for the entire journey.

"It's not very often you can get chatting to anyone in this day and age particularly in trains. We spoke so easily as though we had known each other for years. It was not just exchanging information."

“He completely lifted my spirits and made what would have been a distressing journey bearable and I would like to thank him for his kindness and loveliness.”

Once arriving at Euston, the man waited on the platform for her to collect her luggage, but the pair did not get to exchange names or numbers, according to Ms Davidson.

Ms Davidson added: “As we were leaving, I received a stressful text from my daughter and in my haste, I left him falling over a suitcase.

"I got the impression that at the very least we would have exchanged numbers because he's up and down in Scotland quite often."

According to Ms Davidson, the man is originally from Bristol but lives in Epsom.

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