A Stoneleigh school held a fair to inspire its pupils to pursue careers in STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Auriol Junior School's 360 pupils went around interactive exhibitions from 20 local employers, in fields such as 3D printing, structural engineering, prosthetics, carpentry, nursing and virtual reality.

The fair capped off a full week of STEM-inspired activities, with pupils having experts come in an give workshops on Crossrail, sewage structures, optometry, geology, forensic science and software development.

Many parents also came in to give presentations about their own careers, and teachers led special lessons on the theme

Head teacher Mandy McDowall said: “We wanted to capture the imagination of our pupils and showcase the incredible, exciting, career paths available to them if they focus on their STEM subjects.

"The week of activity and the fantastic fair to finish it off certainly achieved that, broadening their minds to new ideas and careers that they wouldn’t have considered on day one.

"I want to say huge thank you to everyone who made it possible."

The UK engineering industry is facing a skills shortage of unprecedented levels, with 1.8 million people needing to be trained by 2025.

Mrs McDowall said: “It’s no secret that there is an engineering skills gap in the UK, and that schools have a role to play in bridging it. Activities like this are essential in getting the next generation excited by STEM subjects and the potential careers within.”