Anti-Heathrow expansion campaigners made a light-hearted festive protest outside Chris Grayling’s house before Christmas.

The group visited the Transport Secretary on the last night of the government consultation, singing re-worded carols.

One such adaption went (to the tune of Ding-Dong Merrily on High): “Sir Howard Davies [Airports Commission] was a lie/And no way independent/Fingers in the Heathrow pie/And property development/No-ooooo-oooooo-oooooo/ Ifs and buts/There will be no third runway.”

Only a couple of the campaigners knew the destination in advance, so to most of them it was a surprise to sing outside Mr Grayling’s house.

Neil Keveren, resident near Heathrow who attended the carol singing, said: “This was a fun event but with a very serious point.

“Mr. Grayling has the security of knowing he has a home for his family for this Christmas and as long as he wishes to stay there. Meanwhile, thousands of others, thanks to his Government, have had their homes threatened with destruction or feared an increase to the cap of 480,000 flights a year.”