The Queen and Prince Phillip’s platinum wedding anniversary is being commemorated with a new coin, minted in Banstead.

The coin is 130mm in diameter, weighs nearly 2kg and is encrusted with 70 diamonds, and the limited run of 70 coins will be hand-finished by the master craftsman at Pobjoy Mint.

The mint received exclusive approval to use a portrait of the royal couple from this year’s state opening of Parliament to mark their 70 years of marriage.

Of the limited run, more than half have already been sold.

Only the most committed numismatic collectors will be able to get their hands on the coin, it costing a hefty £13,600 to buy.

Each item will be sold in a high-quality plastic case within a wooden presentation box, alongside a numbered certificate to prove its authenticity.

The couple first met at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in 1939, when the Queen was just 13.

They began exchanging letters and became engaged in 1947, before being married on November 20 the same year at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen, the longest-reigning monarch in English history, is also the first to celebrate a platinum wedding anniversary.