Joshua Galloway joined Epsom College Sixth Form in 2015 from Townsend Church of England School in St Albans with the assistance of a full bursary. 

Following the tragic loss of his Mum in 2014, his Grandparents Mr and Mrs Grubb assumed the care of Joshua and his sister. His Great Aunt, Mrs Mumby, who already had children at Epsom College, approached the College about the possibility of a Bursary for Joshua to enable him to make a new start.

Mrs Mumby said, “I was aware of the work of the Epsom College Education Trust department that raises money to support children who may not otherwise be able to take advantage of the facilities, and extensive opportunities on offer at the College. We had already witnessed, at first hand, how our own boys were benefitting from the breadth of education at Epsom and we felt compelled to explore the possibility that Joshua might receive the same support and encouragement. I enquired as to whether the College would consider Joshua as a potential candidate for the Sixth Form and the rest is history. The College was so supportive; Josh equipped himself well for the entry tests and we couldn’t have been more proud when he was offered a place, and now we celebrate his success at A Level.”

Josh’s hard work in Sixth Form has paid off with an A* grade in Business, a B grade in Geography and a B in Government and Politics. He is looking forward to the start of his Gap Year in August, when he will work as an assistant at Epsom College’s sister school in Malaysia.

Josh said, “I am very happy about my grades that have elevated me to another level and provided many more choices for the future. 
“I am so grateful for this opportunity, I want to say a big “thank you” to Jane, my Great Aunt. There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am to her for helping me to join Epsom College. Thanks are also due to my family who have supported me through this life-changing experience; it has been a pleasure. 

“A highlight has been the opportunity to explore so many extra-curricular activities, which would not have been available elsewhere. The excellent teaching staff and friends that I have made during my time at the College have inspired me to achieve my best. I have also learnt how to seize opportunities; the chance to venture to Malaysia, travel and cross so many boundaries will be transformational.” 

Mr and Mrs Grubb said, “We are extremely grateful to Epsom College for giving Josh this opportunity during an extremely difficult time for him. He has coped so well and benefited so much from his two years at Epsom.”

Another Bursary recipient, Sophie Accion-Barr, joined the College as a boarder in 2012 from Runnymeade College in Madrid at the age of 13. She was delighted to receive her A Level results attaining an A* grade in Art, a B grade in Biology and a B in Mathematics. She has been accepted at the University of Exeter to study Psychology from September.

Sophie’s mother, Mrs Joanna Barr is a Head Teacher in Spain and an Old Epsomian (Wh 1976-78). She said, “We are very grateful to the College. This is not something Sophie could have done without the support of a bursary; the College has developed her confidence with the assistance of the effective support systems that nurture all individuals. I am delighted she will be following in my footsteps to study at Exeter.”

Sophie’s housemistress, Mrs Rebecca Wilson, said, “We are very proud that Sophie has done so well and gained the University place she so wanted.”

Sophie has just returned from a two-week trip as she worked as a volunteer at an orphanage in Tanzania. She has developed the taste for adventure, in 2016 was the recipient of the Warren Pickett Travel Award after successfully completing a tough application process to win funding for a two-week voyage off the Portuguese coast in the Tall Ships Race.

Sophie observed, “This adventure on the tall ship, Pelican of London, was truly a life-changing experience, I met fascinating people from all over the world (including the Antarctic).”

The College congratulates both Joshua and Sophie and wishes them well in the next chapters of their young lives as they leave Epsom for Malaysia and Exeter, respectively.

To find out more about the work of the Education Trust and how to donate to the General Bursary Fund, please contact, Karen Doyle, Education Trust Director on 01372 821290 and

Article supplied by Clare Sender