After achieving unparalleled A level results last week, the College is, once again, celebrating record GCSE results with over half of all examinations graded A* and 78% of grades awarded in the A*-A range, an increase of 8% on 2016.

The number of A* grades attained rose to 51%; 94% of grades fell within the A*-B grade range, thus representing an increase of 2% on the previous year's record performance.  

There were outstanding results in all areas of the curriculum notably in Maths and Science where over 60% of grades were A*s and in the Creative Arts where over 90% of Music and Photography outcomes were graded A*.

Languages were equally strong with Mandarin Chinese and German achieving over 90% A* and A grades. Other academic departments achieved excellent results; namely, Art, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History, Maths, Physical Education, Physics and Religious Studies with over 80% of students receiving A* or A grades.  

The top individual performers this year were Amy Taylor and Cara Robinson who achieved ten and nine A* grades respectively and a 9, the challenging top grade, in the new English Language IGCSE.  Hot on their heels were Theodore Alexis, Luke Dupenois, Adahna Ekoku, Cameron Ewins, Chrissie Hancock, Charles Hodgson and Mackenzie Mully who achieved 9 A*s and a grade 8 in English Language.  Yeun Ting (Sharon) Chan achieved nine A* grades, plus a Grade 9 in English Language and a further A grade.

In addition, 8 pupils achieved 9 A*s plus top grades of 9 and 8 in English Language.  Overall, 46 pupils - 34% of entrants - achieved a commendable clean sweep of A* and A grades.

"These excellent results provide sure foundations for this talented cohort of pupils as they embark upon their A level studies and prepare for university application.
"Over the past seven years, the College has witnessed our GCSE grades improve from 63% to 78% within the A*-A grade range. This remarkable advancement of learning and outcomes stands as a monument to the hard work invested by both pupils and staff," said Headmaster, Jay Piggot.

Article supplied by Clare Sender