Epsom College were proud to be named senior school winner in the prestigious Parent Zone Digital School of the Year Award 2017, which recognises commitment to online safety and digital resilience.

Parent Zone works with parents and schools to offer expert online advice and content and the award is given to schools that have gone the extra mile to maximise online opportunities for pupils and the whole school community while minimising the risks they face online.

This award is timely considering recent press coverage following a year-long study that revealed how ill-equipped children are in coping with the challenges of the online world.

The College was selected for the award following its outstanding work in this area, spearheaded by Director of Welfare, Helen Keevil. Helen said, “Lessons and whole school Internet safety awareness days to help keep pupils safe online are an important part of the academic year. In PSD (Personal and Social Development) lessons, for example, PowerPoint presentations from the Parent Zone site are delivered to pupils in Years 7-13 and junior pupils all complete a four-week digital safety passport course. Lower 6th pupils also tidy their digital footprint ahead of starting UCAS applications and work placements".

The prize includes £250 in Amazon vouchers towards school technology, plus an opportunity for 30 pupils to visit the Sky Academy Skills Studios in Isleworth to meet media presenters and to make their own programme on digital safety.

Based on information supplied by Clare Sender.