Cameras at a Leatherhead social club caught a mysterious person dragging themselves across the floor, nudging a bag towards an exit.

The brazen visitor to the Royal British Legion in Lower Road, Leatherhead, was unwittingly filmed on Wednesday, March 30, snaking their way around a snooker table.

It looks like they are trying to avoid detection on the cameras, but they have spectacularly failed.

As the person slides across the floor, they drag what appears to be a sports bag with them.

Surrey Comet:

A spokeswoman from the social club says two fruit machines were damaged during the incident and that they are so far aware of at least three bottles of prosecco being taken.

Did the man take inspiration from sneaky cat thief Catherine Zeta Jones in this film?

The Epsom Guardian has contacted Surrey Police about the incident.

A spokeswoman from the Royal British Legion Effingham and Bookham branch said: "It's a real hurt on our club.

"We do everything we can to keep the British Legions alive, as they are becoming very few and far between, and then this happens."

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