Angry residents are “sick to death” of a Tadworth road riddled with potholes that has damaged cars, tripped pedestrians and sparked fears of serious injuries.

Surrey Comet:

Preston Lane in Tadworth has been earmarked for resurfacing as part of Surrey County Council’s Operation Horizon – a £100million project to improve the county’s roads – but residents are still concerned.

A county council spokesman reassured residents the road would be properly repaired in the summer.

Lauren Oakes, 18, of adjoining Bidhams Crescent in Tadworth, started a petition on March 13 that has since been signed by more than 200 people.

Surrey Comet:

In the preface to the petition Ms Oakes (pictured above) calls for the road – which she alleges is in such an “awful condition” that “it is unsafe to do anything more than five miles per hour” – to be completely resurfaced.

She said: “It has been filled in about 12 times instead of being properly sorted out.

“When the cold weather comes it just gets ruined. It’s awful.

“They only filled it in a few weeks ago and they have already had to put up bumpy road signs.

“They need to re-do the whole thing.”

Surrey Comet:

L-R: Sean Brock, Patricia Roberts, Peter Muir

Her petition had been signed 223 times as of March 31, and exasperated residents have left comments condemning the state of the road and expressing their fears of accidents on Preston Lane.

One signee wrote: “I am sick to death of these roads that I go up and down every day.”

Another wrote: “The potholes will cause a really nasty accident one day, possibly causing deaths.”

“It’s got more craters then the moon,” wrote another.

Surrey Comet:

One commenter said that repairs and patching were inadequate and that the road needs to be properly resurfaced.

They wrote: “It’s a busy bus route and used by cyclists, motorcyclists, cars and pedestrians.

“Many new homes have been built nearby and the road condition will only worsen and somebody could sustain serious injury or death if it is not resurfaced soon.”

Ms Oakes, an A-Level student at Beacon School in Banstead, added: “Whichever way I get out, I have to go through Preston Lane.

“It’s awful on tyres. My friend has ruined one of her tyres driving on it.

“And when my mum was walking her dog, she tripped on a pothole and fell over. She has a bad back, and the road just made it worse.”

Surrey Comet:

A county council spokesman said: "We are resurfacing Preston Lane as part of our £100m Operation Horizon scheme which is providing hundreds of miles of pothole-proof roads most in need of improvement in Surrey, this is due to take place in the summer."

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