Prolific New Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Martin Matthews claims police have told him if he climbs Chris Grayling’s roof for a seventh time, he will face prosecution for harassment.

Surrey Comet:

After climbing the roof of the Epsom and Ewell MP’s constituency home in October, charges of harassment and failure to comply with police direction against Mr Matthews and associate Bobby Smith were dropped, the police confirmed.

But while climbing a building - provided no criminal damage is done - is a civil offence, Mr Matthews, from Middlemead Road, Great Bookham, has been warned after scaling Mr Grayling’s constituency office four times and his home twice.

Despite the warning Mr Matthews said the stunt was an effective method of making a point.

He said: "This goes to show that anyone can climb any building - I would encourage other people to do it, if they have a cause they’d like to draw attention to.

"If anyone wants to climb a roof I’ll happily provide a ladder and anything else they need.

"Chris Grayling can’t do anything because the police are taking no further action. And if he doesn’t like it he can always write to his MP."

Surrey Comet:

The pair were removed from Mr Grayling’s roof with the aid of firefighters and held at Reigate police station before being released on bail.

The pair, who were aiming to draw attention to ‘unequal parental rights in the eyes of the courts’, were dressed as Bob the Builder and Elmo.

The campaigners targeted Mr Grayling’s home because as the leader of the House of Commons, he sets the agenda of what is debated in parliament.

Mr Matthews says he is considering David Cameron’s home for his next protest, although he is wary of surveillance equipment present.