Elmo and Bob the Builder - the two New Fathers 4 Justice campaigners who were arrested on Wednesday after climbing Chris Grayling’s roof - have been released from police custody on bail.

From yesterday: Bob the Builder and Elmo in police custody after climbing onto Chris Grayling's roof in Ashtead

Martin Matthews, 48, and Bobby Smith, 33, climbed the house at around 2pm and camped out into the evening when they were removed by police with the aid of firefighters.

Surrey Comet:

Mr Smith, moments after being released from Reigate police station

The pair unfurled a banner reading ‘Can Dad Fix It?' in reference to Mr Matthews' costume, and Mr Smith said they targeted Mr Grayling’s house because of his position in parliament.

They were arrested on suspicion of harassment and failure to comply with police direction to get off the Ashtead house, and held at Reigate station.

The two men have both been released on bail until November 7.

Surrey Comet:

Mr Smith and Mr Matthews in a mid-protest selfie

Mr Smith, from Stevenage, said: "The interviewing officers couldn’t keep a straight face when they asked what ‘Can Dad Fix It?’ meant.

"I hope it's clear now that we won't accept anything less than full reform of family courts. This is our way of negotiating."

The men have claimed their next protest will be on the roof of David Cameron’s house.

Mr Matthews, from Middlemead Road, Great Bookham, scaled the leader of the House of Commons’ roof last year, and was found guilty of criminal damage and ordered to pay £320 after affixing a banner to the side of house.

Mr Grayling declined to comment on the incident.