A mother is singing the praises of cream which she said had cured her daughter's eczema.

Paige Sweeney, 23, spent two years trying to find a cure for her daughter, Evie-Rae's eczema.

The three-year-old has suffered with the painful condition all her life and would wake herself up scratching until she bled.

However, Paige said that she found a miracle cream in the shape of a bottle of £3.99 Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser on the shelves at her local Boots.

She tried it and said she was amazed by the results.

Since she tried the moisturiser last year, her posts on Facebook have gone viral, with more than 34,000 shares.

She said: "Any body that knows me and my daughter will know the trouble we have had with her eczema and allergies.

"We have tried every single steroid cream and moisturiser but nothing works.

"We see the dermatologist every eight weeks for two and half years and still no improvement!

"I was in Boots and came across this cream and bath range called Child's farm.

"I thought I would give it ago and look at the improvement in her skin in a week. Cannot recommend Child's Farm enough!"

Child's Farm responded: "This darling girl has clearly really suffered with her hands - just delighted something has helped her at last!"