Millennials are on track to receive their own discount railcard which is likely to come into effect nationwide early next year.

A new railcard has been announced that will serve 26-30 year olds, starting with Great Anglia services as of December. revealed that National Rail is trialling a new railcard for people 26-30 yesterday on its blog.

It says that The Rail Delivery Group has not confirmed or denied any of the details yet - but a document circulated on a UK rail forum confirms the new scheme.

Greater Anglia rail will trial the card in the coming months and then it is likely to go nationwide at the beginning of 2018.

The card is for those who are sad to loose their Young Person’s 16-25 railcard which gives the commuter a third off rail prices.

As rail ticket prices continue to increase with little improvement to the running of day to day services, this railcard could give you just what you need.

Is this good news for those who can no longer get away with a Young Person’s railcard?