Do your kids believe in Santa? Santa CCTV is your chance to create footage of Santa in your house this Christmas.

Using green screen technology Santa CCTV uses your own home photos to produce the video.

A new poll by reveals 81 per cent of parents with kids aged 10 or under say at least one of their children thinks Santa is real.

The research also shows that nine per cent never believed in Santa in the first place, with one-in-three youngsters pretending to believe to save their parents “getting sad”.

The vast majority of parents said that it’s ok for kids to believe in Santa but not past the age of 12. Do you agree?

The Santa CCTV video is for those who still believe in Santa and even those who might need a little convincing.

Julie Hill from said: “Christmas is a magical time, and keeping the spirit of Santa Claus alive is important. Our videos are a little bit of Christmas Magic!”

Do you believe in Santa still? Let me know at