As Halloween fast approaches concerns are raised once again over how to keep our children safe during trick or treating season.

Children’s fancy-dress costumes are notorious for their flammable material which can cause a lot of anxiety for parents this time of year.

Strictly Come Dancing host, Claudia Winkleman, is still haunted by an incident in 2014 when her eight-year-old’s costume went up in flames causing serious burns.

This devastating event involving Winkleman’s daughter lead to a change in legislation to the material children's costumes are made of.

So how can you keep your child safe this Halloween when out trick or treating?

  1. Avoid buying fancy-dress costumes with a highly flammable warning.
  2. Make your own costumes if you have the time
  3. Avoid costumes with long trails of fabric
  4. Masks can impair a child's sight putting them in danger when out trick or treating.
  5. Do not put lit candles in pumpkins outside your house. Use the battery operated option.

There is plenty of advice on the internet about how to keep your child safe this Halloween, so make sure you read the labels on costumes before buying.