A new range of cut-price sex toys coming to Poundland has left shoppers considering whether they would go to the inexpensive store for their cheap thrills.

A range of £1 sex toys has been launched by the retail outlet in its new Nooky range.

Poundland says one of their reasons for branching out into sex toys is because two in three women admit they feel embarrassed when stepping into a high street sex shop.

For one of those shiny new pound coins you can buy yourself a vibrating love ring, lubricant or a “finger fun stimulator”.

Our reporter went out and bought the new bargain pleasure trinkets and asked shoppers what they made of them.

Holly said: “I would trust them but I wouldn’t imagine it would be very powerful. You get what you pay for.

“I don’t think it would be, I spend a lot of money on mine - the best ones cost a lot of money.

“The finger fun stimulator is rubbish, it would just fall straight off.

“I would use the lube but anything with a battery wouldn’t be very powerful. I would maybe use it for a laugh.”

One woman said: “I would have thought it would be easy for children to buy, although they can check your ID in the store.

“I might want to go up there and get some myself.”

A Sutton woman said: “For the ladies I know, if they want to go to Ann Summers to buy a sex toy, they would got to Ann Summers.”

Another woman said: “I personally feel uncomfortable with it being for sale in Poundland.”

No men would talk to our reporter about Poundland's sex toys.

Chris Burns, Poundland’s trading controller, said: “With shoppers only looking to purchase one sex toy a year, we’re hoping our affordable range helps the nation gets some nooky at home.

“Our bullet vibrator was such a big hit we’ve now introduced lots of fun toys for every couple to enjoy – investing in your sex life has never been so easy and all for just £1.”