A maths whizz is required to help a wildlife rescue charity estimate how many hedgehogs it has added to Surrey’s population.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation rescues an average of 200 young hedgehogs a year and looks after them through winter.

They are released in spring, at about six months old, after making their way through 15,000 cans of dog food.

Foundation founder Simon Cowell is asking for maths experts to estimate how many hedgehogs this year’s 200 will go on to create through future generations.

Hedgehogs are sexually mature at 12 months.

They breed twice a year and have an average brood of six young, from which four survive.

Three per cent of surviving hedgehogs die in adulthood, from accidents or diseases, and they have a lifespan of five years.

Please email answers to simon@wildlifeaid.org.uk.