Some people barely go into their kitchens to cook basic meals, but one aspiring businesswoman has made it into her very own chocolate factory.

Isabel Amorim spends every minute she can crafting bespoke cocoa treats from her home in Barcombe Avenue, Streatham- and is quickly making a name for herself.

The Brazilian born chocolatier uses a range of exotic ingredients from her homeland and thinks that British chocolate makers may have something to learn from her.

“My chocolates have unique tastes because in Brazil, the flavours are excellent,” she said. “The fruits I use in the chocolates - like guayaba, passionfruit and pineapple - are delicious.

“I eat some of the chocolates over here and some of them are nice, but there isn't as much care in the design.

“Forunately, when customers receive my chocolates, I always receive lovely messages so they must be right!”

Ms Amorin juggles orders from clients with a full-time job as a cook at a large law firm in the city.

Her sister Christiane and her two housemates give her a hand with packaging and deliveries, but she is the chief chef.

She is now planning a move to a bigger house in order to create more space for her chocolate making business, Strawberry Dream, and hopes to develop a company website.

She said: “When I was a child I ate too much chocolate. I enjoyed creating different sweets and doing what I wanted, using my imagination.

“So now, when I’m at work, I'm always thinking up ideas of what I can do when I return to the chocolate at home.

“I'm extremely precise with the design, taste and weights of the chocolates. All ingredients in my chocolate are authentically Brazilian.

"I've even visited the cocoa plantation there to ensure I have the best cocoa possible- the taste is beautiful.”

To order Isabel’s chocolates, call 07521 755 768 or email