Women's Institute members sliding down a hill in a bath tub wearing shower caps stole the show at today's Surbiton ski Sunday.

The "bathtub of doom" was a new addition to the wacky community event which sees skiers with ice cubes strapped to their feet negotiate the washing up liquid lubricated 21 metre slope.

Some went slow. Some went fast. Many of them ended up on their backsides listening to laughs, cheers and witticisms aimed in their direction.

To see the bathtub in action click here

Compere Robin Hutchinson again gently poked fun at the entrants, including MP Edward Davey who he described as "slightly faster than a giant guinea pig".

The Liberal Democrat cabinet minister had just completed the course in a quicker time than Adam Lewis, the landlord of the Lamb pub, who was dressed as a giant cuddly rodent.

The MP said he was now certain that Surbiton would win the Winter Olympics.

Members of Surbiton Women's Institute proved their antidote to fuddy-duddyness by climbing into the bathtubs containing rubber ducks and careering downhill before thudding into reinforced crash mats.

Events organised by Homage de Fromage appear to have an ability to get the most cynical and world weary Surbitonians doing and saying the silliest things, dressing up and joining in comic chants.

When an adjucation was needed, the crowd was asked to intervene by the yays screaming "cabbage" and nays shouting "broccoli".

Despite the uniqueness of a ski slope in downtown Surbiton, some townspeople still barely gave the scene a glance as they rushed past.

Perhaps they are used to these sights after witnessing a game of human mousetrap, a papier mache giant on two wheels and golfers hitting bread balls into the Thames.

Back on the course, record holder Jack Dimes was unable to beat his 10.54 seconds after being knocked off a bicycle, but gamely climbed into a bathtub with his crutch to have a go.

He had broken the previous record of 12.53 seconds formerly held by Captain Rob Smith.

Each of the entrants was asked to climb on board a 'ski-lift" to return them to the top of the course - in reality a Heath Robinson style contraption involving a record as a seat and a metal frame.

Josh Hayes time was allowed by the crowd vote after the judge ruled against him for dragging himself over the line on the flat of his stomach in breach of the rules.

It was left to the final skater of the day to claim victory in the individual pursuit.

After the winners were presented with their awards a marching band led the skiers back to Claremont Gardens, the scene of last month's Trycyclingathon, for soup and more fun.

Sadly no Surrey Comet reporters took part this year leaving assistant editor David Lindsell's 19.54 seconds time from 2011 unbeaten by fellow journalists.

The whole event was in aid of Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice in Hampton and Creative Youth, which runs the International Youth Arts Festival. To donate visit http://www.shootingstarchase.org.uk/donate or http://www.iyafestival.org.uk/donate