A Kingston councillor who stepped down from his party has denied rumors of a split with the top brass after finally speaking about why he broke away from the Liberal Democrats.

Tim Dennen, pictured, resigned at the beginning of last month but would not respond to calls to explain why to the 2,469 people who voted for him at the last election.

He broke his silence to describe his disillusionment at the party’s direction as the reason for relinquishing the party whip.

Coun Dennen, who now sits as an independent, said: “There has been no falling out with anyone in Kingston.

“I have had some disagreement on small issues but not on anything major.

“Simply I am not happy with how the party is being run and I disagree fundamentally on certain issues.

“Possibly moving over to another party is something I have thought about but as yet nothing has been decided.”

Coun Dennen apologised to voters for not explaining his departure earlier but said he had been sidetracked having recently got married and found a new job counselling young people who have been in prison.

He said: “Things have been very difficult recently. My job at the prison takes up an awful lot of time and is very stressful. Add to that I recently got married and that has meant that I have just not had the time.”

Coun Dennen said working as an independent would allow him to help residents without having to worry about toeing the party line, but did admit re-election would be tough without party backing.

He said: “I really enjoy being an independent.

“There are a lot of advantages for my constituents as I now have the freedom to make decisions on my own rather than with my colleagues.”

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