From B Buckley SIR. In response to reading your lead letter about Mr Fox I am amazed that local councils in London, and Wandsworth in particuar with all its green spaces and countless eateries, haven't declared war on foxes, rats, squirrels and pigeons. The mayor hasn't quite cleared Trafalgar Square either.

I am an OAP, have had my tiny bit of lawn slabbed (as I can't look after it any more), only for a section to collapse under my feet as I rushed out to shoo a fox away.

It had dug a tunnel. The mess was terrible and I was lucky I didn't break anything as the ground gave way under me. Of course it will have to be done again, which I can't afford.

This problem has a knock on effect, and of course the powers that be will do nothing until there is an epidemic and then they will wring their hands and charge the ratepayers.

MRS B BUCKLEY Kathleen Road SW11