From A Fox SIR. It has come to our attention a number of H sapiens strongly object to the presence of ourselves, V vulpes, in Wandsworth.

It may be that your readers might like a few facts on this matter. We first moved into your towns following the hominoid war of 1914-1918 in response to an ecological opportunity resulting from the development of once rural land.

We did not move following the development, instead we adapted to the changed environment in which we found ourselves. True, we are choosy about where we live, we tend to favour (suburban) middle class areas.

But it's about time a non-homo sapien put the record straight.

There is a high density of M musculus and at least two species of rattus in the area. Thanks to us many of them pose no problem to humans - we provide a high clear-up rate.

But we still suffer from the bad PR we get from humans - you know, the wily villain image, the pet killers, the flower bed rippers etc.

Humans have fallen into the trap of thinking that they are the only species on the block. They aren't.

Do you really think an abundance of discarded fast food, amongst other things, has no consequences? We didn't put it there and if we have more than we can consume we bury it for later. Waste, it seems, is the human's prerogative.

The plain truth of the matter is that you no longer have any idea of how to co-exist with other species - except for pets (ugh). We kill, when necessary, for food. Humans tend to kill for personal gain, sometimes for fun.

We are, like yourselves, a territorial species - we don't recognise title deeds as a rule. So to help you all to live with V. vulpes here are a few handy hints.

Put rabbits and guinea pigs in strong secure hutches and cages. Like humans, if we see an opportunity we go for it.

Add an overhang to your fences at around 45 degrees, to make it impossible for us to clear.

Put your rubbish bags inside a decent dustbin and try disposing of foodstuffs sensibly. And stop whingeing.

They say that "sapiens" means wise. If only that were true.

A Fox Name and address supplied Name and address supplied SIR. As the great fox debate continues, I thought I would have my say also.

Do people out there not realise that animals were in this area long before we were?

Look into the history of the area and you will find fields everywhere before the area was built up to house people.

For all you who love to complain about foxes, have you ever thought on perhaps challenging your neighbours or perhaps take a look at yourselves?

My neighbours choose to dump their household rubbish outside in the street rather than putting it in the bins provided which is disgusting, thus encouraging not only foxes but vermin besides.

If you wish to complain and moan about foxes where does it end? Perhaps hedgehogs or maybe sparrows? The sparrow community has been in decline for years but thanks to the people who care, they are returning and growing in their numbers again.

Once more London sees its traditional bird back home. If we would only co-operate with and help our local wildlife, instead of moaning about it and trying to destroy it, wouldn't you think this would make a happier place for us all to live in and give our children living nature to see and not just pictures in books or memories past down through the family.