From the Comet April 19, 2002

A Tory candidate betrayed his party and crossed the floor to join his former rivals in this week in 2002.

Mohammed Amaar Khan, 22, who was standing in Old Malden was wooed into becoming a Tory candidate by Conservative councillor Rajendra Pandya.

But his former schoolteacher Lib Dem councillor Ian McDonald pulled off the election coup, persuading Mr Khan to have a change of heart.

Mr Khan was reported to have said: “I have been appalled at the negative campaign the Conservative Party is running. I don’t like my name being put on a list of untruths.”

But the Tories hit back by saying the reasons Mr Khan had been accepted in the first place was they were “desperate” for candidates, the Comet reported.

Lib Dem leader Roger Hayes said: “I am delighted for Amaar that he has seen the light.”

But despite his Damascene conversion he missed the deadline to back out and stood as a candidate for the Tories.

10 years ago: April 19, 2002

Ten years ago the head of the Khosla family unveiled his rescue plans for Kingstonian Football Club, which later proved to be so controversial.

Rajesh Khosla was adamant that he was dedicated to getting the Ks into the conference again and making the club a more successful team and company.

But he was later accused of “selling the club down the river” by selling off the Ks stadium.

25 years ago: April 24, 1987

An amateur chemist brought Kingston dump to a standstill when a pile of rubbish exploded into flames.

A driver was shifting 60 tonnes of waste when the fire started, later revealed to come from 40 bottles containing what was believed to contain dangerous chemicals.

50 years ago: Saturday, April 21, 1962

'Absolute chaos' would be caused by a 22-storey skyscraper in Tolworth, the Surrey Comet faithfully reported. Surrey County Council members were aghast at the concept of a tower block being pushed through at the same time as a flyover for the Toby Jug roundabout.