Launching our new series of I Remember features is John Syms, now living in Fremantle in Western Australia, who recalls working in Kingston in the 70s.

“Forty one years ago I worked for Burnett’s Refrigeration Services at 130 Acre Rd, Kingston, when I was on a working holiday from Australia.

“I also got married in the UK in 1971 and my wife and I have just returned from our 40th anniversary trip back to “Blighty”, where I took these photos.

“I was with Burnett’s from 1970 to 1972 and during this time they were a small but dynamic company that serviced both the domestic and commercial markets and also had a range of unique industrial chilled water plants designed by the owner, Ron Burnett.

“I have no idea when Burnett’s ceased operating as we returned to Australia in 1972 but I thought I might add a little bit of history about Burnett House.

“Note the red box on the wall of the building – in 1970, Ron Burnett was concerned about security but funds were a bit tight. He asked me to make a mock up alarm system, paint it red and fix it to the front of the building complete with a cable which went nowhere.

“We never had any problems with breakins whilst I worked there so the dummy alarm obviously worked.

“I have lost track of all the guys and girls I worked with back then but maybe some of them may recognize me and it would be very nice to hear from them.”

To contact John email, or write to 75 Tuckfield Street, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160

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