From P Lopko

SIR. I had decided not to comment on the fox debate but after reading the letters by Dawn Shepherd and Name and Address Supplied, felt I must offer Jo Lamiri my sympathy - and wonder whether these two readers possess gardens or live in (so far) fox free areas.

Lucky people, if so.

I left a back door open one afternoon while tidying a small patch outside and came in to find carpet and upholstery covered in fox fur, small ornaments knocked off the coffee table and mantelpiece.

I was extremely lucky they - or it - did not defecate.

My little patch of lawn serves this purpose usually.

I say lawn, but it's a golf course because of the holes dug in a search for grubs.

Vegetables and plants are knocked over or dug up. "Gifts" of old bones, fast food debris, odd gloves, shoes, balls etc are left.

Fox Project? Nothing I have not tried already.

Fences? Jumped over or dug under. Deterrents? As much use as fly spray.

Co-exist? You must be joking.

P LOPKO, Hemly Road, Tooting