The Surrey Comet wishes all its readers a great New Year. Here are a crop of wishes from the borough’s leaders and residents.

Edward Davey, MP for Kingston and Surbiton, said: "I'm especially conscious how difficult it is for many people at the moment.

"With the national economy only growing slowly and with all the sacrifices so many people are making, some may find it difficult to be optimistic for the future - but I am, and I do see positive signs all around.

"In our community, we are weathering the storm better than most.

“Yet the challenges nationally and internationally are serious.

"From the continuing sacrifice of our troops in Afghanistan to the impact of climate change on the poorest in our world, from the huge debts affecting so many countries and individuals to the urgent need to bring down youth unemployment here in the UK, the New Year will require all of us to redouble our efforts, and that is my pledge to you, for my work in 2012."

Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park which includes north Kingston, said: "It is 18 months since the Conservative Party formed an alliance with the Lib Dems, and although I part company with the Government on some issues, I believe it is on track with the most pressing problem we face – restoring balance to our economy by tackling the vast deficit we inherited.

"Locally, we continue to benefit from promises made before the election that have been honoured.

We killed off the threat of car parking charges in the Parks.

"Even BAA now accepts the third runway is dead and buried, and according to recent reviews, Kingston Hospital goes from strength to strength.

Some positive news then, but it is inescapably true that times are fraught with difficulties and uncertainties, and my new year wish is for stability next year."

Kingston’s borough commander Martin Greenslade said: “2011 has been a year of successes in Kingston that has included a number of very big challenges that we have all had to face.

"We have continued to reduce violence across the borough and I am really proud of the effort that has been made by my officers and staff across the partnership to ensure that Kingston remains the safest borough in London.

"Kingston was untouched by disorder but the threat was real which we met with local officers working long hours and support from colleagues across the country.

"The demands in 2012 are likely to be significantly greater because of the Olympics but I am confident that with all our planning we can ensure that the impact on Kingston is minimal.

"I am looking forward to what will be a great opportunity for this borough when the cycling road race and time trial showcases us on the world stage.”

Town centre manager Ros Morgan of Kingstonfirst, said: "In 2012, the Kingstonfirst team are looking forward to seeing Kingston showcased on a global stage when the Olympics cycle road races and torch relay come through our town.

"This will draw thousands of additional customers into the town, giving businesses a real boost, not just for 2012, but into future years.

"We wil be working hard to ensure that Kingston continues to outperform its competitors and that we continue to weather the turbulent economic times.

"We wish all of our member businesses a prosperous new year."

Rev Jonathan Wilkes, of All Saints Kingston, said: "In the summer I went to the beach, and on a large expanse of flat sand someone had written, “pelh em i ma deirub rednu ereh”.

"After scratching my head for a little while I realised that it was some joker pretending to be writing from under the surface - “help me, I am buried under here...”

"That sense of feeling over your neck in it is hard to shrug off amidst the gloomy talk of further recession, social instability and climate chaos.

"As if simply being human, and so inevitably a bit shambolic, isn’t hard enough.

"If only New Year could come, like the tide at a scrawled on beach, to wash away all that’s happened and give us a clean sheet.

"Sadly, it’s not that simple, but there are hints for us to see - in the seasons if not in faith - that gloom can pass; winter will end, spring will come, and rising from the shambles is possible.

"May the new year bring us all energy, insight and hope for facing what lies ahead."

Others gave their New Year Wishes by Twitter to the @surreycomet account.

Fran Gough, of disabled youth arts group Yadapa, said: "My wish for Yadapa to find a new home and start working with Kingston's Disabled young people again."

Mary Graham, who lives in a houseboat on the Thames and is known as Rivermummy on Twitter, said: "My wish for Kingston is that people will help to find the money to replace the Muybridge Mosaic before July."

Kingston Arts said: "Fun, good company & a lovely dinner for The Fircroft Trust members on Christmas."

Lord Scroley (aka Robin Hutcheson creator of fictional goatboy Lefi Ganderson), said: "I know that Lefi would want 'giving' to be at the heart of everyone's Christmas - 'give time, give care, give love and share."

KingstonYouth wished a Happy Christmas for #Kingston's #youngpeople St Andrew’s and St Mark’s Church Surbiton offered blessings from all at the church.

Young people's website Yuonline wished for "positive news coverage of young people over the festive season."

Rabbi Charley Baginski of Kingston Liberal Synagogue said: "There is a reason so many celebrate festivals with light this time of the year, wishes brightness to all those in darkness.

"On a 'lighter' note wishing for good humour when everyone else gets presents on my birthday!"

Youth website Younglivin said: "Whatever the young people of Kingston plan do in 2012, we wish they have fun, achieve goals and reach their maximum potential."

Kingstonian FC said: "Christmas is cancelled for us this year, with no festive matches, so our wish would be for more football!"

Rhammel Afflick, a former member of Kingston's Youth Parliament, said: "Lots and lots of mince pies from Watrose in #Surbiton! Haha."

And Andrew Povey, Surrey County Council's former leader, said: "Xmas is a time for giving - my wish is for the 'Everyone a Volunteer' initiative to succeed."