The Conservatives have won the Coombe Vale double byelection.

Lynne Finnerty and Julie Pickering are the new councillors for the ward after winning the most votes.

The results are:

Lynne Finnerty, Conservatives- 1,340 votes

Julie Pickering, Conservatives- 1,308 votes

Kamala Kugan, Liberal Democrat- 908 votes

Rupert Nichol, Liberal Democrat- 778 votes

Nick Brown, Labour- 526 votes

Ian Parker, Labour- 502 votes

Tariq Shabbeer, The Green Party- 108 votes

Chris Walker, The Green Party- 122 votes

Roger Glencross, Christian Peoples Alliance- 76 votes

Philippa Hayward, Christian Peoples Alliance- 94 votes

Michael Watson, UK Independence Party- 70 votes

Turnout was strong with 43 per cent of the electorate voting.

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