Five Holocaust survivors have appeared in a DVD to preserve their stories for future generations.

The project grew out of the work Kingston United and Kingston Liberal Synagogues started five years ago, inviting students to talk to survivors and learn about their experiences.

The sessions, which take place around Holocaust Memorial Day in January, began with two schools on one day, but now run to five days.

Cameraman Paul Wheeler filmed the volunteers talking to the pupils, and added more material of Martin Bennett, Gerald Cohen, Annamarie Seelig and Bronia Snow.

The film was launched in front of a packed audience at the Kingston United Synagogue on Thursday, December 8.

Mr Wheeler said the natural approach and sincerity of the speakers made his work easier, and expressed gratitude he could be present to listen and film the survivors.

More than 800 students are expected to attend sessions with schools at the end of January 2012.