From Dawn Shephard, SIR. So Jo Lamibi is "completely and utterly fed up by the havoc and destruction caused by foxes".

I'd say Jo needs to get a grip, and learn to share his/her environment with the other things that exist around us.

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami caused havoc and destruction - urban foxes aren't quite on that scale.

Basic fox ecology tells us that the fox population in any area is determined by the food and space resources available to them, and as such they are self controlling in terms of breeding.

There are very simple steps that people can take to deter foxes from their gardens, and the excellent Fox Project provides advice on this. See their wesbite at, or call their information line on 0906 272 4411 (25p a minute).

Jo needs to stop whinging, take some positive action, and learn to appreciate the animals which should be allowed to co-exist in our urban spaces.

Dawn Shephard, Ravenslea Road