He has swallowed live giant hissing cockroaches, sheep brain, locusts and mealworms.

But Louis Cole, 28, is about to face his worst taste test yet – live non-stinging scorpions.

Three hissing giant cockroaches crawl out of his mouth at the start of one video on his x-rated YouTube channel Food for Louis while he smiles innocently at the camera.

He said: "I'm still exploring where the boundaries are for me. I think I would probably draw the line at human flesh. Live mammals I wouldn’t want to eat."

In his worst experience yet he put 10 dead mice, normally lunch for giant pythons, into a blender and drank the noxious pink shake.

He said: "It was the smell more than anything making me retch. The thought of it was bad."

Comments on his site from web users across the world are a mixture of raw disgust and fresh serving suggestions. Some animal lovers have even left death threats.

Amazonian tribesman were appalled by his eating habits on a boat trip a decade ago through the Brazilian rainforest when he put a live Rhinoceros beetle in his mouth.

But he said: "It is mainly positive. Some people just give me suggestions. Others don’t want to talk to me.

"Kids say things like ‘if I get a spider will you eat it?’. I ate two wasps the other day."

Some users have warned him about the medical effects of eating beetles, bugs and creepy crawlies.

But Louis said: "I do a bit of research on the internet and see if people have done it before. I was a bit sick after I ate a raw sheep’s brain but that’s probably just eating raw meat."

He hit page three of the Sun newspaper when he was a child for his outlandish jungle-themed bedroom in Cobham which had a live iguana and a large water feature running through.

One family holiday involved being dropped on a remote island in Thailand with his teacher dad Ben with nothing more than rucksacks and a navigation device.

Now the former Heathside School pupil lives in Roehampton and drives a double decker bus hiring it out to community groups and police across London and Surrey for youth work, delighting and appalling young people with his grotesque party trick.